Remember Us is a feature documentary revealing the untold stories of Gaza refugees as a ripple effect of the long-lasting conflict between Palestine and Israel


Dalia Abuzeid is a Palestinian filmmaker. Originally, from the city of Yaffa, Palestine. Born and raised in Amman, Jordan and living with the limitations of having a Gaza Strip ID: A citizen of nowhere, therefore she loses the rights of public medical care, public education and many career options. Traveling is nearly impossible.

Having that said, this brought Dalia closer to this issue sparked an interest that led her to visit the refugee camp in several occasions.

“I have been shocked with the degradable human conditions I’ve witnessed. None of the refugees I have seen is physically, socially or psychologically healthy. I have sat with those who lost their children, as they were unable to afford medical care; I have entered the zinc-roofed “temporary” houses, as they cannot afford the cost that comes with building a cement roof; I’ve sat with someone who is dying and can be saved if given medical attention; I’ve walked over the open sewage paths that pass by every street, causing a massive daily health hazard”.

This documentary will tell the stories that have never been told, raise global awareness and aid social campaigns to fix their physical, emotional and social problems that they face on daily basis, struggling to exist.

Remember Us will create screening / debates and fund raising events around the world, to help the creation of a fund available for inhabitants of the camp in order to aid them to open up businesses and employ those refugees, giving them a purpose in life, making them independent and reinforce their existence.

The Production Company

The film will be Produced by Concept ViewMedia Productions FZ-LLC.

Concept View is a Production Company based in Dubai, with branches in Portugal and Los Angeles, and operates globally.

Concept View offers a wide range of film and TV services, that go from On Set production, to Audio production, post and Animation.

Amongst its clients, Concept View worked for Al Jazeera, Arab Bank, Millennium BCP, Ro’ya TV, etc.

The company’s involvement in this project includes all the A-Z production of the movie, as well as the attachment of well established filmmakers to the project.

Please visit for more info.

Producer: Frederico Beja

Writer: Dalia Abuzeid and Vanessa Rodrigues

Director: Dalia Abuzeid
Director of photography: António Morais
Editor: Mariana Figueired

Composer: Ricardo Guedes

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